American Tribute is sponsoring a 4th of July Contest

Make 2019 the year that you become a U.S. Citizen! American Tribute​ is sponsoring an Independence Day contest to have your #USCIS fees paid when you submit your application for naturalization. Make sure you read the complete rules before you enter!
• You must have “liked” the Facebook page of American Tribute.
• Enter by private messaging the Facebook page “American Tribute”. You must include contact information (email and phone number) and the phrase:
“I want to be an American.  The 4th of July is Independence Day!”
• Your entry must be in English.
• You must actually enter the contest – entries in previous contests are not automatically carried over.  Comments on Facebook posts are not an entry.
• You must be a permanent resident (have a green card), live in the United States, be able to read and speak English (unless you qualify for the English waiver), and are otherwise eligible to naturalize. Please check the USCIS web page to make sure that you are eligible. See to determine if you are eligible to naturalize.
• You are ineligible for the contest if you have already filed your form N-400.
• You must not have a criminal record.
• You must have a completed form N-400 or have all the information necessary to complete one.  By entering the contest you agree to let our legal team review/prepare your request for naturalization.
A winner will be chosen by random drawing at 6 p.m. Central time on July 3, 2019. American Tribute will make every effort to announce the winner by noon Central time on the 4th of July, 2019. The winner will have until July 25, 2019 to confirm eligibility and help prepare N-400 paperwork. If the winner does not have a completed N-400 by July 25, 2019, the prize will expire. American Tribute reserves the right to select an alternate winner if the initial winner is ineligible.
This is not a cash prize – American Tribute will pay your USCIS fee and submit your form N-400 Application for Naturalization, but WILL NOT pay you any money directly. Any other costs (Passport Photos, Translations, Postage, Notary etc.) will be the responsibility of the winner.
In order to submit the filing fee, American Tribute will review your completed form, then attach the fee payment and mail the form to USCIS. This is done to ensure that the fees paid by American Tribute are sent in on a properly filled form for someone that is eligible to naturalize – fees are lost if the application is denied do to ineligibility. Therefore, electronic submission of the N-400 is not possible. The winner agrees to cooperate with the legal team of American Tribute to get the naturalization form properly filed, and all communications will be through the legal team. The winner will be responsible for providing the necessary documents to pursue naturalization.
The winner agrees to allow publication of their name and image on the American Tribute website and Facebook page, both after winning the contest and after they become a U.S. citizen.
This contest is not an offer of legal representation.
The prize is not transferable to another.
Determination of eligibility is subject to review and disqualification by the Project Manager.
American Tribute is a project of FCM Enterprises, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.
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